“And then the Ghost nashed off”: a Paranormal Investigation at the Royalty Theatre, Sunderland

We’re standing in a circle, a bunch of strangers holding hands in a pitch black room, at the back of Sunderland’s old community theatre, The Royalty.

Is there a spirit that wants to connect with us? Make your way to the group and find a way to communicate with us. We mean you no harm.

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For my Sister

Yesterday, 13 September 2018, marked the ninth anniversary of my sister’s death. It’s as stark as that. I’ve never felt the urge to post about it publicly before, but this blog is making me look more closely at the headstones in my pictures and wonder not just about the aesthetic or the location, but also about the people who have passed on and those left behind.

How can I pass comment on cemeteries and death without sharing a little bit about what it means to me?

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