Storm Ali and Memories of Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn

The crazy winds of the past few days have reminded me of a trip that the Prodigal Geordie and I took to New York in 2010.  We were there on September 16 when tornadoes hit Brooklyn and Queens. I remember being downtown, somewhere in SoHo I think. The sky got darker and darker. For three in the afternoon, it was pretty much night for us.

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What are the top cemeteries to visit?

“Oh how wonderful,” proclaimed the posh lady from the Friends of Highgate Cemetery as she ticked off the second ‘Linda’ from her list, “a brrrace of Lindas.”

I loved it. Not only did I get to visit one of the best cemeteries in the UK, there was this completely bonkers woman signing me in. As far as I know, there is no collective noun for Lindas, but if there was, this would work for me…

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