About Raven in a Graveyard

Raven in a Graveyard has come about because I love to visit cemeteries, tombs and graveyards around the world.

Not just the famous ones, though I have visited Highgate (London) and Green-wood (Brooklyn), the equally unknown ones. For example, the one just up the road from me – Bishopwearmouth. And a one just outside of Mosborough near Sheffield.

Ask me why and my answer is:

I bloody love a cemetery

While this is true, the reasons why are tenfold. They are peaceful. They can be proud. They can be commerative. They can be spooky. They are beautiful. They are historical.

They feed my love of the paranormal, the spiritual and a deep-seated love of the horror genre be it books, films, TV series or tote bags….

Welcome to Raven in a Graveyard, let’s see where this takes us.