What are the top cemeteries to visit?

“Oh how wonderful,” proclaimed the posh lady from the Friends of Highgate Cemetery as she ticked off the second ‘Linda’ from her list, “a brrrace of Lindas.”

I loved it. Not only did I get to visit one of the best cemeteries in the UK, there was this completely bonkers woman signing me in. As far as I know, there is no collective noun for Lindas, but if there was, this would work for me…

I wrote this on an old blog of mine back in 2010. I assumed that I had visited Highgate either the year before or in that year. No, when looking back to find my photos I visited in 2008! I am definitely due a revisit.

This got me thinking. Which other cemeteries could I easily visit?

I have some right on my doorstep. Some I’ve been to many times like Mere Knolls Cemetery in Seaburn, this is the resting place of my sister, nana and grandad.

Just up the road from me is Bishopwearmouth Cemetery and the Sunderland Crematorium – I have actually ran around there when completing the Couch to 5k.

There are others in Newcastle like Jesmond Old Cemetery that is apparently fascinating but I’ve never been. While waiting to be picked up for an annual girlie weekend I’ve been known to while away a few minutes in the graveyard at Gosforth (I know this to be a Graveyard now as it’s attached to a church!).

But where else? I’ve been further afield of course and plan to write some posts around the wonderful Necropolis in Glasgow, Greyfriars in Edinburgh, Old Gray Cemetery in Knoxville, Green-wood in Brooklyn, the Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw and Washington DC’s Arlington Cemetery. My biggest regret is walking past the Jewish Cemetery in Prague because my group deemed the queue too long. 😦 I’ll just have to go back!

With some super-sonic Googling here’s a list of some cemeteries I think I need to see. Drop suggestions in the comments – there’s bound to be many I’ve missed.

UK cemetery and graveyard bucket list

  1. revisit Highgate Cemetery, London
  2. Crossbones Cemetery, London
  3. Bunhill Fields, London
  4. Nunhead Cemetery, London
  5. St Pancras Old Church, London
  6. St Mary’s, Whitby
  7. St Leonards Church Crypt, Kent
  8. Abney Park, Stoke Newington, London
  9. Golders Green Crematorium and Mausoleum, London
  10. York Cemetery, York

World-wide cemetery and graveyard bucket list

  1. Jewish Cemetery, Prague
  2. Merry cemetery, Romania
  3. Cimetière du Père Lachaise, Paris
  4. Waverley Cemetery, Sydney, Australia
  5. La Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  6. Bonaventure, Savannah, Georgia
  7. Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
  8. Assistens Cultural Center, Copenhagen
  9. Xoxocotlan, Oaxaca, Mexico
  10. Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland, Oregon

I reckon there’s a USA-specific list to be added at some point too!

Where should I go?

Tell me your recommendations in the comments. I’m starting to research which ones to visit.


Photo by Simeon Muller on Unsplash

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